Buying A Home
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1. Touring the Home
2. Selecting an Agent
3. Home Buying Criteria
4. Getting Started
5. Making the Offer
6. Home Warranty
7. Whole House Inspection
8. Appraisal
9. The Closing
Selecting an Agent

Now that you are pre-approved and know what type of home you want. Your next step is to select an agent.  Two of the most frequently use ways are:


Referrals – You ask a friend or relative for the name of their agent

Internet – You call the agent whose listing you found on the internet.


Neither way is wrong, although the referral does come with a recommendation.  However, before you begin house hunting, you need to interview the agent to make certain they are familiar with your needs and situation. Compatibility is Key! If you don’t feel comfortable, select another agent.


A word of caution.  If you are a 1st time buyer you should try to avoid dual agency. Dual agency is where the same agent represents both the seller and the buyer.


Ohio Law requires that you be given information on the company’s agency policy when you first meet with the agent. Read it carefully.


Can I Work With More Than One Agent?

Yes it is possible. But since all the agents have the same data base, it is recommended that you pick the agent you feel can serve you best. That will ensure you get the best service.