Buying A Home
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1. Touring the Home
2. Selecting an Agent
3. Home Buying Criteria
4. Getting Started
5. Making the Offer
6. Home Warranty
7. Whole House Inspection
8. Appraisal
9. The Closing
The Closing


Once you receive final loan commitment, the mortgage company sends the package to a title company. A title search is conducted.  The title search makes certain there are no defects in the title.    

Money For Closing
You will be told how much money you need to bring to closing.
You will need to get a cashier’s check and make it out to yourself

Home Owner's Insurance
You will need to purchase Home Owner’s Insurance.
Do not wait until the last minute. Some buyers have run into problems obtaining insurance.
You must pay for the 1st year and bring the paid receipt.
Try to obtain your policy as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected delays.

Closing Day
Your agent will review the closing statement with you to insure the numbers are correct.
Your agent will also attend the closing.

Title Insurance
One last thing..  You will be given the opportunity to purchase an owner policy at the closing. It is a one time fee that protects you against any title defects for as long as you own the home.  In my opinion it is a fee well spent.